GLISI is an independent, non-profit organization that is committed to working with district and school leaders to build leadership capacity, improve organizational effectiveness, and create conditions that improve student achievement. We partner with education leaders in Georgia and across the nation to drive positive change in their districts and schools through performance-based leadership development, district consulting, and research, drawing on best practice in K-12 education, business, and adult learning.


GLISI’s mission is to develop world-class education leaders who advance student achievement and organizational effectiveness. We work with all education leaders, from superintendents to principals to aspiring teacher leaders, providing three services: leadership development, consulting, and research.


In 2001, a coalition of education, business, and government leaders came together to improve schools in Georgia. They believed school leaders needed tools and training to prepare more students for college and career success. They founded GLISI to provide those tools and training. Since then, GLISI has incorporated as an independent non-profit organization. We are Georgia’s premier partner for leadership development, consulting, and research.GLISI-Reception-Milestones-17May-13-FINAL(graphic)

Theory of Change

Our theory of change is that through leadership development, consulting and research, we build leader and organizational capacity, leading to improved student learning outcomes over time and at scale.