About Our Consulting Practice


Not all school improvement or leadership development challenges can be solved through training alone. In GLISI’s consulting practice, we work side-by-side with you to solve leadership challenges through a customized suite of services. GLISI’s team includes expert practitioners and skilled researchers who craft effective solutions that lead to strong leaders, more effective instruction, and student success.

Our track record of successful consulting solutions includes helping partners to implement:

  • aligned talent management systems that connect leader competencies with hiring, selection, observations, and feedback;
  • customized aspiring leaders programs;
  • systems for leadership pipeline management and succession planning;
  • executive coaching to assist in transforming central office to grow principals as instructional leaders; and
  • strategic improvement plans that represent input from key community members including parents, clergy, youth development partners, businesses, board members, school leaders, teachers and students.

Strategic Improvement

Leaders set direction. A strategic plan is a critical leadership tool for setting direction and guiding progress. GLISI, in partnership with GSBA, helps district partners to set direction through Strategic Improvement Planning.





Custom Consulting

A Solution Customized for You

GLISI’s work with district partners is guided by research on the most effective consulting practices. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to helping our partners improve teaching, learning, and student outcomes. To do this, we begin by listening carefully and assessing your needs and strengths. GLISI’s consulting staff draw on years of successful experience leading schools and districts, and on cutting-edge research, to prescribe an approach to achieve your goals.

GLISI’s Custom Consulting solutions often include a combination of coaching, professional development, and process facilitation designed to help partners make new leadership practices part of the routine culture of a school or district. If you are ready to lead change in your district, GLISI is a proven partner that will help you get there successfully. Use our research on effective consulting organizations to assess us or your other consulting partners!





Is Your District Ready?

There are several district characteristics that research tells us increase the chances of success when partnering with a consulting organization like GLISI. We consider these district qualities during the needs assessment phase.

What to Expect

To get things started, contact our Program Team. Our Custom Consulting work occurs over four phases: 1) Needs Assessment; 2) Contract Negotiation; 3) Plan Implementation; and 4) Follow-Up.

Implementation Consulting

By Invitation

GLISI’s Implementation Consulting is an invitation-only service provided to qualified districts that helps them implement the team-based improvement process taught at Base Camp and Leadership Summit. Implementation Consulting projects are renewable for up to three school years and focus on:

  • Building capacity of district leaders, principals, and assistant principals to set direction for teams and monitor team progress
  • Putting in place team processes including regular meeting schedules and meeting protocols
  • Building teacher leader capacity to analyze data and conduct root cause analysis
  • Helping teacher teams to use data to make changes in instruction
  • Putting in place team process for measuring progress and monitoring data

Districts that have participated in Base Camp and Leadership Summit within the most recent two school years are invited to submit proposals to participate. Up to two district partners are selected annually. Current Implementation Consulting districts are Paulding County School District, Tattnall County Schools, and Morgan County Charter School System.

In Progress

Working with GLISI, leaders in Morgan County learned that their students were not performing nearly as well in college as they believed. Data in the Georgia High School Feedback Reports showed that about half of their graduates required remediation in reading and/or math. This was a sobering revelation in a district that prided itself on its graduation rate and numerous AP and IB course offerings, all of which leaders believed were indicators of their success in preparing students for college.

Revisiting their achievement data at the individual student level, Morgan County’s leaders began digging for the root cause of the issue and found that the measures they used to assess students’ reading levels were not as rigorous as they should have been. Former Superintendent Dr. Ralph Bennett recalled, “When we looked at our CRCT scores, 95% or more of our kids in each grade were meeting or exceeding standards. So it sounded like or at least looked like we were preparing kids. But when we started digging a little bit deeper into what proficiency meant in the state of Georgia, it became clear that we had kind of hung our hats on a false sense of preparing our kids based on CRCT scores and EOCT scores.”

As a result, the goal of the GLISI Implementation Consulting work in Morgan County is to ensure every student, K-12, achieves reading mastery as measured by grade level equivalent Lexile scores (a standardized measure of reading ability). Read more about GLISI and Morgan County’s partnership in our Research Brief!