Leadership Development Programs

GLISI’s leadership development programs engage leaders in hands-on learning and authentic collaboration with others supported by expert coaches. Our teaching leaders and coaches are proven experts in adult learning with a track record of success in helping leaders to grow and change.


Base Camp and Leadership Summit

Boost team effectiveness. Drive instructional improvement. Prepare every student for postsecondary success.

Base Camp and Leadership Summit is an intensive leadership development experience for teams of school and district leaders. Team members develop skills needed to lead systemic school improvement. The experience begins with residential training for two and a half days, followed by a six-week implementation period in their districts, concluding with a second two-and-a-half-day training session. Leaders learn to cast a vision, lead teams, set SMART goals, analyze data for root causes, implement research-based solutions, and measure and monitor progress.


When district and school leaders faithfully implement the processes they learn at Base Camp and Leadership Summit, evidence suggests they are more likely to achieve their systemic goals. Districts that sent teams to Base Camp and Leadership Summit since 2011 outperformed the state average 4-year cohort graduation rate.

Want the back story? Read our Conditions for Success reports that detail how districts leveraged their training experience to change how they do business and ultimately impact instruction and student achievement.

What People are Saying

“We were ready to jump into data-driven instruction to improve students’ EOCT performance. The root cause analysis process helped me realize we were skipping a step. We have to go back and ensure our curriculum matches the rigor of EOCT. All the instruction in the world won’t change our outcomes if the curriculum is not right.”

Adam Herring, HS Principal in Carroll County

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Aspiring Leaders

GLISI has a tried and tested model for developing strong leaders that yields results. Research tells us that the most effective leaders distribute leadership throughout a school or district. Yet, typical leader development programs develop leaders in isolation. GLISI’s model develops leaders as leadership teams through a combination of mini-academies and on-site coaching over 18 months. Teams optimally are comprised of principals, assistant principals and teacher leaders that meet rigorous selection criteria. When current and aspiring school leaders grow together, they develop emergent leadership skills in authentic collaboration around student-focused problems of practice.

Aspiring Leaders Curriculum

GLISI’s Aspiring Leaders curriculum is designed to support leader development through guided practice and performance. Our core content draws on the most current research on effective leadership and leadership development. One of the most impactful mini-academies focuses on leader feedback and support of instructional rigor. See an example of a favorite activity here.

What People are Saying

“GLISI brings leadership development expertise and deep knowledge of the Georgia context to the table, but what we value most is the time they invest in personalizing learning for our people.”

– Jeff Bearden, Superintendent of Forsyth County Schools

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