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Base Camp and Leadership Summit is a team-based learning experience that brings teachers, school leaders, and central office leaders together to address their most pressing school improvement challenges. Because leadership is a collaborative endeavor, we help leaders function more effectively within the real-life teams in which they work.  Base Camp and Leadership Summit breaks down silos and unites teachers and leaders around a shared plan for school improvement.

Your Team
Your team will benefit from the expertise of a side-by-side Performance Consultant, who will work with you before, during, and after BCLS to help you achieve your school improvement goals. The mountain provides the perfect atmosphere for deep connection and honest conversation with colleagues from your school, your district, and from across the state.  You’ll leave with a clear path forward and a plan that focuses on changes in adult behavior that lead to better outcomes for students.
Your Time
Your time will be fully devoted to learning a process for school improvement and working with your team to apply that process to your own, unique challenges. Along with team performance time, the Base Camp and Leadership Summit experience also includes individual breakout sessions, so each member of your team can devote their time to areas where they would personally like to grow.
Your Data
Your data is applied throughout the experience, making Base Camp and Leadership Summit a truly customized experience. Our performance coaches leverage your CCRPI data, Georgia Milestones, High School Feedback Reports, and much more to ensure that your entire team—from the classroom to central office—is able to identify areas for improvement and is committed to implementing a plan for growth.

2017-2018 Cohort Dates

Cohort 52 Cohort 53 Cohort 54 
Base Camp September 18-20, 2017 October 16-18, 2017 January 8-10, 2018
Leadership Summit November 6-8, 2017 December 4-6, 2017 February 26-28, 2018


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Base Camp and Leadership Summit Results

Learning Gains
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Applied Learning
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Watch how one BCLS team has applied their learning to affect positive change.
Participant Feedback Click here to read how Base Camp and Leadership Summit changed six district, school, and teacher leaders.

Meet the Experts

Your team will benefit from the expertise of GLISI staff.  Our team has a track record of leading school improvement; measuring and monitoring school improvement initiatives for impact; and producing award-winning research on leadership development and school improvement.  Your team will be further supported by your own performance consultant, who will work with you before, during, and after Base Camp and Leadership Summit to know your team and to know them well. They are committed to helping you meet your improvement goals. Break-out sessions will be facilitated by leading experts currently working in the Georgia context, including experts on teaching for literacy, K-12 math instruction, integrating technology into the classroom, Georgia Milestones, and more.


Base Camp and Leadership Summit Tools

Whether your preparing your first team to come to the mountain, are in between Base Camp and Leadership Summit, or are a BCLS veteran looking for a refresher, we’ve got all the tools you’ll need to drive the school improvement process in your district.

Ready to bring your team to the Mountain?