GLISI conducts rigorous research and evaluation to equip leaders with the knowledge and information they need to address their most pressing education challenges. We accomplish this by applying our research findings to the design and delivery of our consulting and leadership development work. We also offer a wide range of research-based services to school districts and our other partners, including process audits, organizational assessments, and program evaluations. Learn more about our research services, publications, and projects below.

Our Publications

Conditions for Success (CFS) Overview

GLISI’s Conditions for Success (CFS) studies are case studies aimed at identifying those district leadership practices and conditions – characteristics, practices, leadership behaviors and support – that interact with GLISI partnership to most powerfully influence outcomes for traditionally underperforming student groups. Particularly, the study focuses on how district leaders who participated in GLISI’s team-based leadership development program influenced or created conditions under which notable achievement gains were achieved. It is GLISI’s hope that through each Conditions For Success study, district leaders facing similar circumstances can use the lessons learned through this study to create the conditions school leaders need to support teachers in their efforts to improve instruction, leading to improved student learning.

Research Brief Series (RBS) Overview

GLISI’s Research Brief Series is a publication designed to help busy school and district leaders learn more about trending topics in K-12 education leadership.  By focusing on issues that matter and presenting the information in an accessible format, this biannual publication is  one more step toward helping educators boost their leadership capacity and improve their practice.

Our Research Projects

Process Audit: Gwinnett County Public Schools’ Selection and Hiring ProcessProgram Evaluations: The Community Partnership with Paulding County SchoolsOrganizational Needs Assessment: Tattnall and Paulding Counties
A process audit is an assessment of an organization’s outcomes to determine how well the practices and behaviors intended to cause the outcomes are working. A process audit can be a critical tool for any school district looking to examine more closely the effectiveness of its processes and take steps to improve them by bringing them into closer  alignment with best practices. 
A program evaluation is a systematic examination of the effectiveness, influence, and impact of a project or program. GLISI has both the experience and expertise to effectively develop and execute external evaluations for school districts as well as other organizations that need an external organization to assess their programs’ overall effectiveness.
An organizational needs assessment is an analysis of an organization’s overall health and performance. Conducting a needs assessment is especially valuable for districts that are looking to identify their developmental strengths and weaknesses and build their internal capacity to advance their mission and achieve their goals. 

For more information, contact GLISI’s Director of Research & Evaluation, Dr. Meca B. Mohammed at meca.mohammed@glisi.org.