About Us

What is GLISI?

GLISI is a proven partner to education leaders in Georgia to help them achieve desired results. We improve education leadership through performance-focused leadership development, district consulting, and grant-funded initiatives, drawing on research and best practice in K-12 education, business, and adult learning.

What does GLISI do?

GLISI builds leader capacity, improves organizational effectiveness, and creates conditions that improve student achievement through:
  • Leadership Development
  • District Consulting and Technical Assistance
  • Grant-Funded Initiatives

Who does GLISI serve?

GLISI serves education leaders in Georgia. Our clients include:
  • District Superintendents
  • Assistant Superintendents
  • Principals and Assistant Principals
  • Teacher Leaders

Mission & Theory of Change

GLISI’s mission is to develop world-class education leaders who advance student achievement and organizational effectiveness.
Our theory of change is that through training, consulting and technical assistance, we achieve systemic improvement of education leadership, resulting in improved student learning over time and at scale.

Overview of GLISI’s Programs

Base Camp and Leadership Summit (BC/LS) GLISI’s core training experience for superintendent-led district teams. Teams learn to implement a systemic and data-driven improvement process to address pressing challenges that face the district. 
Custom Consulting GLISI’s cadre of performance consultants craft programs of training and facilitation to meet needs of individual districts.