GLISI is privileged to support the development of aspiring leaders in Forsyth County Schools—a partnership that has yielded over 40 alumni since the first cohort launched in 2014. Becky Cahill was just one of these alumni, motivated to apply because of her personal drive to become a more collaborative and empathetic leader.  After completing her cohort experience, Cahill was promoted to Assistant Administrator at West Forsyth High School, a position she still holds today. She identified three benefits of the Aspiring Leaders Program that have enabled her success:

Broaden Horizons

“The program exposed me to people whose perspectives differed vastly from my own. I formed a bond with an elementary teacher who taught me the importance of empathy when coaching teachers and working with students. In turn, I think she learned how to be a more assertive advocate of students from me.”

Gained New Insights

“Seasoned leaders from our district were an integral part of the design of the course. They were also available throughout the year to answer questions about what it’s really like to lead schools—answers you won’t find in a textbook. That access, and their involvement in co-developing the curriculum, was invaluable”

Improved Performance

"It is one thing to know what servant leadership is—it’s another to practice it and embrace it. If I had to sum up what GLISI’s support did for me, it’s that their
coaching and guidance helped me bridge the knowing/doing gap. I’m a more
effective leader as a result."


Hear directly from Becky and other alumni from Forsyth County.

Entering our fifth cohort this year, we continue to be honored to support the development of exemplary leaders like Becky.



In the fall of 2012, Morgan County Schools sought GLISI’s support in developing a performance culture singularly focused on student achievement and success. Through a combination of Base Camp and Leadership Summit and Coaching provided to central office and school leaders, GLISI helped MCS narrow their focus on a student performance problem that, if addressed, could significantly alter the trajectory of student lives in their community: Literacy.

When our partnership began, Morgan County’s state ranking for English Language Arts grades 3–8 was 72nd. Today, the system is ranked 7th. These changes are explained by intentional and strategic shifts in adult actions and behaviors that strengthened leadership and improved instruction and learning system-wide:


Measure & Monitor Progress

Morgan County teachers and leaders became experts in leading Impact Checks, a critical practice that allowed them to course correct and make steady progress towards their goals.

Implement Common Assessment

Through our partnership, elementary, middle and high school teachers and administrators adopted a common language to communicate about how students were performing as they advanced through the school system.

Align Instructional

Key opportunities to improve instruction and instructional practice were identified, including the need to implement vertical planning within schools and across school levels to enhance communication and collaboration.

The next performance challenge on Morgan County’s horizon? Achieving similar historic gains in numeracy as in literacy. The district is continuing to leverage Base Camp and Leadership Summit as a critical learning experience to unite teachers and leaders around this new challenge.



 In year three of our five-year, grant-funded partnership with the district, we saw signs that systemic changes are taking root. The district has improved its cohort graduation rate by 11.8 percentage points, promoted 14 leaders across the system, and equipped their principals to build the leadership capacity of their assistant principals and teacher leaders. The transformation we've witnessed in Carroll County is a powerful testament to what can happen when GLISI's expertise converges with funders' resources, and school districts committed to developing the best leaders possible to improve outcomes for Georgia's students.

GLISI and Carroll County Schools were awarded a School Leadership Program Grant to accelerate the transformation of Carroll County high schools through exceptional and innovative leadership. Now entering our final year of a five-year grant initiative, our partnership is focused on three goals:

  • 1 Improve the effectiveness of current high school principals and assistant principals in leading change, innovation and school improvement
  • 2 Create school and district conditions that lead to leader and student success
  • 3 Identify and develop a pipeline of strong aspiring leaders equipped to successfully lead high- performing schools

Through a combination of Base Camp and Leadership Summit, onsite Coaching, and technical assistance, leading indicators suggest the transformation we set out to achieve is bearing fruit. Since our partnership launched, Carroll County Schools has seen double-digit gains in College and Career Ready Performance Index scores and an 11.8% increase in its cohort graduation rate. This translates to over 580 students enrolled in high schools across the county in the 2017–2018 school year who would otherwise not have graduated.

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