Growing leaders for excellent and equitable schools



Our services help teachers and leaders reimagine what’s possible—for themselves, their schools, and their students. Through training, coaching, and technical assistance, we foster the skills and dispositions necessary for leaders to achieve excellence in the classroom, school building, and central office.



For Teachers

We grow teachers who lead boldly from their classrooms and beyond. Because we know the value of teacher voice, our services engage teachers meaningfully and often in school-based decision making.

School Leaders

For School Leaders

Resilience. Empathy. Curiosity. These are some of the dispositions that school leaders need to disrupt toxic cultures, build strong teams, and realize the vision of excellent and equitable schools. Our services foster the skills and dispositions required to achieve peak performance.

District Leaders

For Central Office Leaders

Central office leadership sets the tone in a school system, and vibrant partnerships between district and school leaders are the key to lasting transformation. We support central office leaders in creating the conditions for system-wide change.    


Unlike traditional leadership development approaches that train individual leaders in isolation from one another and the real challenges they face, GLISI:


Develops leaders alongside the teams they lead


Creates opportunities for teachers and leaders to practice new skills in an authentic setting


Provides targeted coaching and feedback to improve performance

Our innovative, research-driven services facilitate cooperation and collaboration among teachers and leaders at every level of a school system.

Teachers have an opportunity to engage meaningfully in school-level decision making, while central office leaders learn the best ways to support their school leaders. Unlike traditional leadership development approaches that train leaders in isolation, our team-based approach is proven to enhance individual leader capabilities and organizational culture—the values, beliefs, routines, rituals, and practices that create the character of a school. Ultimately, students reap the rewards of motivated, skilled teachers and leaders, creating an atmosphere where every student can thrive.

System-wide Collaboration

Our services bring together leaders across all levels to build a culture of collaboration and collective ownership for the school improvement process. 

Team-based Learning

Rather than training one leader at a time, we work with intact teams of leaders who together can tackle the student achievement challenges facing their schools.

Culture Building Focus

Our approach is about building a school culture that draws out the fullest potential of every child and adult that walks through the door.

Individual Leader Growth

Even in a team-based learning environment, individual leaders have opportunities to practice new skills and grow in their capacity to affect change.

Improved Student Outcomes

Ultimately, our services position leaders to advance a vision of joyful learning, academic rigor, and an empowered future for every Georgia student, regardless of neighborhood, race, or family income.



Sustained growth is possible when leaders and teachers understand themselves and one another better, enabling more effective collaboration and teamwork that drives school improvement. Base Camp and Leadership Summit, promotes this collaboration and helps teams overcome the challenges that stand between where they are today and the future they imagine for the students they serve.

Base Camp and Leadership Summit gets teams away from day-to-day school routines and offers a unique opportunity to engage in uninterrupted, strategic work, with support from a GLISI coach. The experience promotes trust, empathy, safety, and curiosity—qualities of strong leaders and healthy school cultures.