Our team is passionate about

building more excellent and equitable schools.



Georgia’s statewide academic performance falls below national averages on virtually every measure. A staggering 80 percent of eighth graders living in poverty score below proficient as readers. And the problem isn’t just with student performance. A full 47 percent of Georgia’s teachers leave within their first five years. These are true leadership challenges.

Public dialogue often focuses only on improving test scores, rather than on creating engaging, rigorous learning environments that prepare students to solve challenging and meaningful problems beyond the classroom.

At GLISI, we envision schools that create joy, unleash potential, and inspire enthusiastic learning. We believe teacher and leader teams are the key for making this a reality for all students.

Our services teach adults new skills, challenge the status quo, and encourage teams of teachers and leaders to push one another toward new ways of leading and learning. The teachers and leaders we serve are better equipped to tackle their school responsibilities and to work together to create thriving school cultures for students and adults alike.  

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“Great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. or John F. Kennedy, they inspired a nation to look at Civil Rights, or the moonshot. And that’s one of the things that’s unique about GLISI. GLISI inspires people. To be better than they are. To develop a cause beyond where they currently are. To something bigger, and something better.”


- Jody Barrow, Superintendent Fayette County Schools & GLISI Board Member,

2017 Georgia Superintendent of the Year


GLISI’s success is fueled by dedicated staff, consultants, and board members who work tirelessly for a future where every student has access to excellent, equitable learning environments.

Our team brings a breadth of real-world leadership experience that enables our success.


GLISI was founded in 2001 by a coalition of education, business, and government leaders who shared a passion for improving public education in Georgia. In 2002, we held our first Base Camp and Leadership Summit, our flagship training program, in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Since then, we have returned to the Mountain each year, hosting over 50 cohorts of teams and supporting more than 7,000 teachers and leaders. After incorporating as an independent nonprofit organization in 2012, we expanded our services to offer in-district training, coaching, and technical assistance to teachers and leaders statewide. We are thankful for the support of foundation, corporate, and individual donors whose generosity makes our work possible. We invite you to be a part of GLISI’s next chapter.



Over three years, our team has engaged in deep partnerships with teachers, leaders, and school communities across Georgia. From as far north as Murray County Schools to as far south as Camden County Schools, we have partnered with teacher and leader teams to build more excellent and equitable schools.