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To change the lives of Georgia’s students, we must first uplift teachers and school leaders. Our work begins by reconnecting our partners to their ultimate purpose and creating space for their voices to be heard.

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If adults are the catalyst for student learning, then an adult’s untapped passion and potential means a child’s unrealized success. Leaders that are intimately connected to their purpose ignite the internal drive and vision needed to pursue a more excellent and equitable education for every student. In FY19, our partners were reconnected, reinspired, and challenged to allow the inner belief in the importance of their work to shine openly in their day-to-day interactions with students, community members, and each other.

I left BCLS with a lot of new knowledge, but I also left knowing my personal why. I left feeling as though I could change the world. I knew I was in the right profession. 

Sakita Ross

Pelham City Schools | Base Camp & Leadership Summit Participant

As teachers, we need to be reinvigorated.  To be reminded of our potential, of what we can do, and of all the unrealized possibilities. My teacher heart has been filled.

Shelby Forrester

Lumpkin County Schools | Base Camp & Leadership Summit Participant

Because of GLISI, I am more aware of who I want to be and how I want to lead.

Giselle Neal

Paulding County School District | Aspiring Leaders Program Graduate

Base Camp and Leadership Summit refreshed my energy as an educator. After 18 years of teaching, it is very easy to lose sight of our "why.” I was uplifted and challenged to dig deep to rekindle my love for what I do!

Amy Garrett

Lumpkin County Schools | Base Camp & Leadership Summit Participant

My "why" for teaching has always been easy: kids. GLISI’s Aspiring Leaders program helped me expand my “why."  Now, I see myself as a strong leader who focuses on culture, relationships, strategy and service among adults. My job is to empower other teachers and, in turn, affect even more students.

Lindsay Hodges

Paulding County School District | Aspiring Leaders Program Graduate
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Every voice matters. A lack of agency and feeling unwelcome, unheard, or ineffective are all culture killers. Our services are designed to uplift the voices of students, teachers and community because school improvement is too complex for leaders to do alone from the top. Being heard, perhaps for the first time, is part of what most uplifts confidence and focused action for those we serve.

At Base Camp and Leadership Summit, teachers like Jessica Coker aren't "just a little teacher.” Their voice is amplified as they share the same table as their school and district leaders.

Similarly, Strategic improvement Planning (SIP) is uniquely designed to amplify student and community voice. We aim to center student needs throughout the entire process, especially those students and families who are not historically well-served by the school and ensure that meaningful equity of voice and psychological safety are secured for all participants.

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95% of participants indicated they were comfortable expressing their viewpoint.

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Alongside the Georgia School Boards Association, we facilitated the development of strategic plans in nine districts in FY19.

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Dalton Public Schools

Thomasville City Schools

Cook County Schools

Crawford County Schools

McIntosh County Schools

Oconee County Schools

Pickens County Public Schools

Taylor County School System

Union County Schools

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In FY20, we are challenging ourselves to not only uplift the leaders we directly serve, but to build a tidal wave of gratitude that uplifts educators in Georgia and beyond. Why? Two reasons: "uplift" is about reaching beyond the walls of schools to legislators, community members, business leaders to create a ecosystem of support and gratitude for educators that boosts morale and stems the tide of teachers fleeing the classroom. But it's also good for us! Research finds that practicing gratitude reduces stress, boosts resilience, enhances empathy, and deepens connection.


Principals in Clayton County receive gifts of gratitude from GLISI for National Principals Month.

Our bet? That gratitude is catching. Those who receive it will practice it. And, in so doing, will bump into even more moments of lift.

Follow our progress with the hashtag #GLISIGives.