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In FY20, we made it easier for any educator or community leader to access growth opportunities with GLISI. We expanded the "who" in "who we serve" and partnered with more districts and leaders than before through new service lines like Connected Community and Class A.

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“This program has opened my mind up and helped me see that I truly am a leader and that what I do is important for my school and my county.”

Class A Participant

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This was a year to deepen our service to existing partners and build new connections statewide. Even before the pandemic, our reach was beginning to widen and deepen.

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Partnership History

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"2020 was a year to think beyond what we’ve always done and provide community and voice to our education leaders who need it now, more than ever."

Brooke Perez

GLISI Board Member

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Team GLISI, pictured here at our annual staff retreat in June 2019, are the engine behind our impact this year. Our team reaffirmed our commitment to equity and adapted GLISI’s service offerings to be responsive and relevant to the needs of those we serve. When we rewind the tape of our year, we have immense gratitude for the creative energy, resilience, and relentless commitment to our mission they exhibited day in and day out.




Laura was hired in July 2019 as GLISI's inaugural Development Director. She brings dogged determination to winning new donors, advocates and champions of GLISI’s mission and impact in Georgia.


Letishia Seabrook Jones, Ph.D.

Letishia assumed leadership of our flagship training experience, Base Camp and Leadership Summit, successfully leading a banner season in Fall 2019 that served 31 districts and 509 participants.

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Terri Seay Bryant, Ph.D.

Terri assumed leadership of GLISI's strategic improvement planning work, delivered in partnership with the Georgia School Boards Association, serving 10 districts and 195 participants in FY20.


Kasey Wood, M.Ed.

Kasey became GLISI's Organizational Effectiveness Manager, ensuring high quality and top-notch service delivery across GLISI's growing partnership base.