Team With Your Community (PBM)


Every school is part of a community. The official attendance area obviously includes the dwellings for the school’s students and their parents or guardians.
It also includes a variety of businesses, as well as churches, recreational and leisure facilities, and a host of community services. Within your area are groups of individuals organized for a wide assortment of mutual interests. All have the potential to work with the school for the overall benefit.

As a leader in your school, you can benefit from fostering the best possible relationship with your community. Establishing leadership means partnering or teaming with the community to help them understand the challenges and needs of today’s schools, and encouraging them to become part of the success of your school.

This performance-based module will ask you to learn more about your community. Then you will look at how you can use your knowledge of the community to improve communications, provide for greater student learning, and increase your service to the community.

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