Starting with Why: How District Leaders Drive Change

How did leaders in a rural school district in middle Georgia consistently improve math outcomes for traditionally underperforming students? That is the driving question of GLISI’s third report in it’s Conditions for Success case study series. The study, Starting With Why: How District Leaders Create a Compelling Sense of Urgency to Drive District-wide Change, features the Wilkinson County School District in Irwinton, GA and examines how leaders developed, promoted, and supported a district-wide culture of instructional innovation that laid the groundwork for steady gains in 8th grade math achievement for African-American males and economically disadvantaged students.

After reading the case study, use the professional learning resources GLISI has developed to help you grow as a district leader, or facilitate the learning of others. Our Reflection Questions and Superintendent Toolkit include step-by-step instructions, tools, and links to free resources for professional learning facilitators anywhere to use to support district leader growth.