Lead a Team Through Group Decision-making (PBM)

In this performance-based module, you will learn to lead your team through the process of making good decisions. The team will be involved in generating ideas, narrowing the list of ideas to a manageable few, and then agreeing to a final decision. You will learn to use tools that will help the team through this […]

Give Effective Performance Feedback (PBM)

Feedback is a response to a particular process or activity and is intended to provide useful information for future development. Performance improvement is largely dependent on frequent and specific feedback. Moreover, your ability to administer effective feedback to those you mentor significantly impacts their ability to meet performance criteria. This performance-based module explores performance feedback, […]

Lead a Team to Analyze Root Causes Using Quality Tools (PBM)

To find the right solutions for deficiencies in students’ achievement, those who are working to solve the problems must determine what problem they are trying to solve, and the true causes of the problem. Any easy trap to fall into is to jump to a solution before ensuring the right problems have been identified. Digging […]

Team With Your Community (PBM)

Every school is part of a community. The official attendance area obviously includes the dwellings for the school’s students and their parents or guardians. It also includes a variety of businesses, as well as churches, recreational and leisure facilities, and a host of community services. Within your area are groups of individuals organized for a […]