Research finds associations between a sense of belonging and workplace performance, well-being and learning.

Too often "community engagement" is one-way and superficial, with no opportunities to really hear or be heard. In 2023, GLISI taught not only technical skills such as root cause analysis, leading impact checks and performance measurement skills, but also adaptive leadership skills, such as developing high-performing teams, cultivating trustworthiness, leading toward equity and mastering change leadership. Educators are asked to teach and lead in a climate where adaptive skills are critical to enlisting the broader community as full partners in the work of developing the knowledge, skills and talents of young people.

In addition to developing adaptive leadership skills across our partnerships this year, we also designed community-forward partnerships in Sumter County, Social Circle City Schools and Clarke County School District where robust community partnership and true co-construction of a vision for teaching and learning were central to our partnership aspirations and goals.