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Equity Consciousess Course

A text-message based course to begin—or deepen—your personal equity consciousness journey.


Connected Community

A free, weekly virtual community to grow in community and build your leadership practice.



Low lift, high impact networks designed to develop new skills and provide social support with peers across the state.


Educators are navigating uncharted waters.

Educators are navigating uncharted waters.

GLISI Virtual offers community, connection, support and expertise to our nation’s most heroic innovators as they navigate the impact of COVID-19 and confront the reality of racial injustice to more successfully lead learning and connection.

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"Charting a district's strategic direction amidst significant uncertainty was no easy feat, but GLISI transformed what was designed as a face-to-face experience into a meaningful virtual planning session for our stakeholders. They gave us actionable feedback and guidance that demonstrated how well they came to know us and how much they cared about our success."

Dr. Robber Hooker

Superintendent | Social Circle City Schools


Educators confront injustice and inequity in their daily walks. Begin—or deepen—your personal equity consciousness journey here.

These courses, delivered via two-way text messaging, are designed to build awareness, support in-the-moment learning, and encourage reflection in order to develop individual capacity to create a more inclusive workplace and learning environment.


Price is dependent on the individual scope and need of your team. Team-based enrollment typically includes:

- Course enrollment for all team members
- Course curation and customization for your team
- A companion Discussion Guide, to support leaders in facilitating dialog among participants

“I thought the pandemic response would be a sprint but it has become a marathon. At some point, I hit an anxiety wall. Thankfully, that was right at the time I decided to join Connected Community. The participants and facilitators are pushing my thinking as I retrain my brain and perspective for the road ahead.”

Erin Anderson

Middle School Teacher | Paulding County School District

Connected Community

Connected Community was birthed out of the social-emotional needs of educators amidst the ever-growing challenges of the pandemic. Through weekly virtual meet-ups, this community fostered free support, courage, and actionable-steps to educators across the country.

Today, Connected Community has transformed into text-message based community that offers a mix of inspiration, curated resources, self-care routines, conversation, and invitations to synchronous meet-ups.

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Open and free to all

Text JOIN to 770-874-5803

"Connected Community has been a rock for me in 2020. This adventure has gifted me with insight and resources that has raised my capacity as a building leader. I am thankful for this weekly gathering and can't imagine the last year without our friends at GLISI and those attracted to this mindset."


Virtual Growth Networks

Looking for a flexible, relevant, and powerful leadership development experience? Our virtual Growth Networks are low lift, high impact communities designed to develop new and relevant leadership skills while also providing social support with peers from across the state.


We have Growth Networks available for principals, assistant principals, or any educator ready to prepare for their next leadership role.


Cohorts meet twice a month, for one hour. The day and time of each meeting is decided on by the cohort based on the group availability and preference.


Growth Network participants will refine their leadership style, strengthen their systems-thinking skills and engage in an improvement science process alongside peers to identify problems of practice, navigate feedback, and initiate a plan of action.

To inquire about upcoming cohorts or create a virtual growth network specifically for your team, please submit an inquiry form.