Annual Reports

2020: Power Up

Our 2020 Annual Report illuminates the stories of leaders who "powered up" their teams and communities to reimagine school and ensure students' learning, safety and sense of belonging during a trying and difficult year.

2019: Mission in Action

2019 marked the first year of our new mission and vision in action. This annual report is a digital scrapbook of our first year living our revamped mission to uplift school leaders > transform mindsets and action > create vibrant cultures of innovation > build excellent and equitable schools.

2017: Foundation for the Future

2017 was a year of intense focus and preparation as we looked ahead to GLISI’s next chapter and the future we envision—one where every school in Georgia creates joy, unleashes potential, and inspires enthusiastic learning. This report is a snapshot of our efforts to lay the groundwork to realize that future for all of Georgia’s schools and transform the lives of more than 1,200 leaders and 550,000 students in the 38 districts we served in 2017. 

2016: Deep Learning

Deep learning is not superficial – it changes who we are. When leaders experience deep learning with GLISI, they are pushed outside their comfort zone toward new actions that improve outcomes for students. Learn more about the deep learning our partners experienced in FY2016.

2015: Growth

FY2015 was a year of tremendous growth for GLISI as an organization. We broadened our reach to serve innovative leaders from across the country and shared lessons learned from our consulting work and research with leaders in Georgia and beyond. Learn more about our impact in 2015.

2014: Transformative

Transformative. In 2014, GLISI was focused on creating opportunities and shaping bright futures for all of Georgia’s children and communities through transformative learning, transformative schools, and transformative leaders. Read our inaugural annual report to learn more about our impact in 2014.