GLISI curates cutting-edge research, reports, and in-house publications to support the development of leaders from the classroom to the school building to the central office.

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Central Office Transformation Toolkit

This kit includes three tools specifically designed to assist district leaders engaged in a major restructuring of their central office. Each tool is intended help leaders create a central office that better serves principals’ efforts to improve instruction and learning.

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Building a Grad Nation

This report serves as an update on the progress of the Civic Marshall Plan, a plan designed to dramatically increase high school graduation rates and college and career readiness in the United States by 2020.

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Eight Elements of High School Improvement: A Mapping Framework

This document offers an 8-point framework for driving systemic reform at the high school level, including a map for the roles of the school, the district, and the state.

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High School Improvement: Indicators of Effectiveness and School Level Benchmarks

This document is an extension of the Eight Elements of High School Improvement: A Mapping Framework. It provides a set of benchmarks that dig more deeply into the effectiveness indicators outlined in the Eight Elements and outlines practices that can be used at the building level to support high school improvement.

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Great Principals at Scale Toolkit

This toolkit is packed with survey items and a framework to help your district assess how well central office leaders are supporting principal growth. We love to use elements of this toolkit in our consulting work to help district leaders self-assess strengths and opportunities for growth, and prioritize key action areas for improved practice.

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