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GLISI’s aspiring leaders programs are 100% customized to the conditions and qualities of effective leadership for your context. Aligned with a customized portrait of a leader for your organization, our customized curriculum and learning design enables aspiring leaders to discover their unique strengths and to apply new learning through a capstone experience that is meaningful to them and to your organization.

Classified Staff Development

Classified Staff are often forgotten in professional learning budgets, but they are critical to the climate and culture that students experience at school. GLISI’s Class A support delivers a meaningful and customized leadership development experience to classified personnel, with an emphasis on developing self-efficacy, leadership agency, customer service skills, and more.

Principal and Assistant Principal Growth

School leaders typically have lots of options to develop their technical leadership skills, but meaningful experiences to grow as adaptive leaders are harder to come by. GLISI offers research-based solutions to develop highly effective school leaders. We design toward your context and the development of specific competencies such as cultivating trustworthiness and thinking systemically that are correlated with effective school leadership.

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Forsyth County: Class A

Aspiring Leaders: Kathy Ford

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