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All of us have an idea in our minds of what leadership excellence and student success looks like, but most teams and communities have not codified a shared vision and then used it as the foundation for system transformation. GLISI is expert at supporting your team and community in naming the qualities, competencies, skills and dispositions that are critical to embody as leaders and that you hope to nurture and grow in your young people. The resulting artifacts from these conversations can drive strategic choices and investments in leadership development (POAL) and teaching and learning (POAG) and create a foundation that is bigger than any single change leader and instead reflective of the vision of an entire community.

Strategic Improvement Planning

GLISI is expert at co-constructing improvement strategies with not only the people who are responsible for leading but also with those who will be affected by your district change strategy. GLISI’s approach to strategic planning is based on four core principles of inclusive design, informed by our long-standing partnership with the Georgia School Boards Association to develop plan measures and Year 1 Action Plans that are aligned with a clear change theory and with consideration of research and best practice in leading central office transformation and system-wide change.

Technical Assistance

GLISI provides coaching and consultation to district leaders who already have a developed strategy or change vision and require support in developing the tools, protocols and processes to bring that vision to life. Specific examples include meeting protocols, assets to support team development and cohesion, the development of balanced scorecards and more.


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