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Base Camp and
Leadership Summit

Develop camaraderie and collective effectiveness through our team-based, residential learning experience. Hosted in Peachtree City (Fall) and Jekyll Island (Summer), BCLS is an unparalleled experience to develop your teams’ ability to identify and test solutions to a high-leverage meaningful problem statement, all while growing in understanding of themselves and one another.



Have a strategy but little traction? GLISI works with district and school teams to ensure strategies and improvement plans are actionable, through a combination of plan review and team capacity building to help teams get unstuck, see themselves in the plan and moving in the right direction.

Central Office Coaching & Custom Team Retreats

With the average tenure of a superintendent in Georgia being less than 3 years, central office teams often find themselves at the helm of leading large-scale change initiatives. GLISI consultants can help your district team build your collective efficacy, enabling you to lead from a unified front. From several consultative sessions to full-scale leadership retreats, GLISI can transform the way your leaders work together.

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